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Interfaith Art Exhibit 2013
On Saturday, May 11, from 5 to 8 pm at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC), the second Interfaith Art Exhibition Biennial “Finding Common Ground through Sacred Words” opened with a public reception.  ICCNC is one of three congregations that, along with Kehilla Community Synagogue and Montclair Presbyterian Church, make up the ‘Faith Trio,’ hosted and led this program.
The artistic focus of this exhibition was on sacred text, with 130 works of art on display including calligraphy, needlework, paintings on silk, oil paintings, watercolor, photography, quilts, stained glass, sculpture, clay, digital art, and paper collage. Each work somehow incorporated words, text or letters in unique expressions that underscore interfaith understanding, spirituality, peace and cultural dialogue. Artwork has been submitted to the exhibition that incorporates writing in English, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Runes, Farsi, Korean, Chinese, and more. 
The Theme of the 2013 exhibition was “Finding Common Grounds through Sacred Words” in which we asked for artwork that incorporates words, text or letters and that expresses a commitment to the interfaith understanding, coexistence, peace and cultural exchange. We asked for creative ways to depict these values and artists from all faiths and cultures were invited to participate.
To visit the online gallery of 2013 artworks please CLICK HERE.
The second Interfaith Art Exhibition Biennial opened on May 11, 2013 from 5 to 8 pm at at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) with an inspiring and beautiful display of artwork. All the artwork reflected the theme by including some text or letters (any language) to convey the message of interfaith understanding.
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We planned and led five public programs in the course of the 2013 exhibition and in relation to the theme and goals of it. These programs included a mural workshop for children, inter-cultural calligraphy workshop for youth and children, the opening reception ceremony of the exhibition, school visit by MPC, and Artists' Meet and Greet with Music. There was also an interfaith art exhibition inspired by and guided by our exhibition curated at the Marin Jewish Community Center on April 2014.
To learn more about the these public programs please CLICK HERE. 
We are planning to design and publish a digital version of the 2013 exhibition book in the near future (around Fall 2015). This book will be available for downloads with a minimum price. All the proceedings will be allocated toward the upcoming interfaith exhibitions.
If you are interested in pre-ordering this book, please send us an email with "2013 Exhibition Book" in the subject line of the email. 
List of the Participating Artists 

Akiko Orzech
Amanda WouldGo
Ann Lofgren
Anna Illes
Arash Shirinbab
Arella Barlev
Arlene Shmaeff
Arthur Horn
Ayesha Samdani
Azeem Khaliq
Barry Shapiro
Beth Bittle
Betsy van Die
Bonnie Hamlin
Cara Higgins
Cari Ferraro
Carl Linkhart
Carol Wolleson
Carrie Rehak
Cheselyn Amato
Claire Sherman
Don and Kirk Lumpkin
Dorrothea Cudaback

Maj-Britt Mobrand
Mark Castaneda
Marsha Haller
Miriam Stampfer
Mostafa Raiss
Nabeela Sajjad
Najiba Baig
Nancy Feinstein
Nancy Katz
Naomi Teplow
Pamela Blotner
Patricia "Aishah" Rusich
Paula deJoie
Rabbi Avram Davis

Rabbi David Cooper
Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky
Reet Mae
Reverend Katie Morrison
Rita Blitt
Rita Sklar
Rose Ernst
Rubina Kazi
Said Nuseibeh
Sally Francis
Sally Francis
Salma Arastu
Salma Zahedi
Sanaa Khan
Sandra Razieli
Sara Frucht
Sarah Kulberg

Sarah Taibah
Sharon Siskin
Sharon Skolnick Bagnoli
Shiela Rubin
Shira Anisman
Simone Adair
Sister Irene Mary Diones
Sofanya White
Soojin Lee
Stephanie Brown
Students of Kehilla School
and Talya Husbands-Hankin
Susan Duhan Felix
Tanya Kambou
Tara M. Harwood
Taskeen Fatehdin
Tom Debley
Tree Gelb Stuber
William Van Meter
Yelena Karanovich
Zara KaZi
Zubair Simab
Dvora Gordon
Eleesa Hager
Elizheva Hurvich
Farzaneh Moayer
Fateme Montazeri
Fran Osborne
Francesca Borgatta

George Somers
Gretchen Garlinghouse
Jana Rains
Jane Brenner
Jane Vanderveer
Jean Gregory
Jean Mudge
Joan Diamond
Joanie Mitchell

Judith Coates
Julie Cohn
Kathleen Horn
Kathleen Komperda
Katie Miranda
Lakshmi Sunder
Leah Korican
Lori M. Rillera