Interfaith Art Exhibit 2017
"Collaboration & Connection" is the third biennial interfaith art exhibition that ICCNC coordinates and hosts on December 3, 2017 to February 24, 2018, and it symbolizes our commitment to the arts and interfaith relationship building. Once again, it will feature the work of Bay Area artists coming together to showcase compelling artwork while furthering interfaith understanding and respect.

Based on the theme of the exhibition, “Collaboration and Connection” we aimed to encourage artists to connect with other artists and collaboratively create artwork for the exhibition. We defined a "collaborative piece" as a piece that has at least two participating artists involved in which all collaborators have creative input into the artwork created. We encouraged any kind of collaboration, however, interdisciplinary collaborations and collaborations between artists of different cultures or faiths or between people of the same faith but different branches (such as different denominations of Christianity or Judaism or branches of Islam) were particularly encouraged.

Although the theme seemed to pose a challenge to artists, we received over 50 Art Proposals from artist groups which encompassed over 200 participants. Art Proposals were judged by the Jury Panel representing the Faith Trio congregations and several independent artists based on their relevance to theme of interfaith understanding, coexistence, peace and cultural dialogue, creativity of the envisioned artwork, diversity of collaboration, quality of samples of work of participating artists, and ability of the exhibition to accommodate. About 30 projects and works were selected and displayed at ICCNC's Gallery which was visited by over 500 visitors during the exhibition.
ICCNC continues its work with partners Montclair Presbyterian Church and Kehilla Community Synagogue, also both in Oakland (the three institutions make up the “Faith Trio”). For the past five years we have joined together for numerous interfaith events and dialogue. Ziya Art Center and Islamic Art Exhibit are another organizations which partners to lead this exhibition and its related activities.

This exhibition builds on the success of an inaugural Interfaith Art Exhibition in Fall 2011 “Diverse Visions of Harmony” , “Finding Common Ground through Sacred Words” in May 2013, and “We Are the Bridge” in May 2015 featuring a total of over 200 artists.

To view the 2017 Call to Artists and Exhibition Conditions and Timeline CLICK HERE .
The Theme of the 2017 exhibition was “Collaboration and Connection” in which we aimed to encourage artists to connect with other artists and collaboratively create artwork for the exhibition. We acepted artwork that expresses the theme and a commitment to interfaith understanding, coexistence, peace, and cultural dialogue.
To visit the online gallery of 2017 artworks please CLICK HERE.
The Curatorial Panel of the Interfaith Art Exhibition Third Biennial 2017 consists of representatives from the Faith Trio congregations and individual artists, some being involved with Interfaith Art Exhibition since 2011. They had been planning and working on this exhibition for over six months.
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The Fourth Interfaith Art Exhibition Biennial opened on December 3, 2017 at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) with an inspiring and beautiful display of artwork. All the artwork reflected the theme of the exhibition and were created by groups of artists collaborating with each other. Leaders from the three faiths presented their remarks and expressed the appreciation of arts, connection, and collaboration.
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We planned and led five public programs before and during the 2017 exhibition and in relation to the theme and goals of it. These programs included 2 artist gatherings, 1 collaborative art workshop, 1 film screening and panel discussion, and the opening reception ceremony. 
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