About Faith Trio

Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California
Kehilla Community Synagogue
Montclair Presbyterian Church
In the decade since the event of September 11, 2001 brought us together, our three congregations gradually formed a Faith Trio.
Meeting monthly for nearly a decade, we have become a grass roots effort parallel to similar groups, locally and worldwide, that search for peaceful and deep dialogue, understanding and good will. These goals are keenly felt to be our joint task through the values we share from our Abrahamic traditions. These values affirm a belief in common that we have received of a gift of responsibility: it is upon us to make our lives a blessing in service to all humanity.  
We make concrete this purpose and its effects through joint events and activities, ranging from common study of our overlapping scriptures to subject-specific issues, to annual dinners, art exhibits and programs to counter hunger.  We look forward to deepening this mutual work to increase community understanding, benefit and solidarity among us.
We affirm this in the name of our highest ideal through the many appellations of our common source whether that be God, Allah, Jesus, Adonai, YHVH, or the many other names or ways by which we experience the ultimate source that summons us to serve with love.

Drafted by Jean Mudge of Montclair Presbyterian Church April 2013 and approved by the Faith Trio Committee
Faith Trio Committee, April 2013. From left to right:
Lea Delson (Kehilla), Pastor Izak Lattu (MPC), Betsy King (MPC), Jean Mudge (MPC), Bonne Reiser (Kehilla), Peggy Alter (MPC), Rabbi David Cooper (Kehilla), Chela Blitt (Kehilla), and Ali Sheikholeslami (ICCNC).
Montage of photographs from interfaith Harvest Dinner held at Montclair Presbyterian Church October 25, 2014. Photos taken by Lee Aurich.
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