Get Involved!
Consider getting involved and supporting the Interfaith Art Exhibit in one of these four ways:

                      Volunteering Opportunities

We are honored to work with volunteers and community leaders to make the Interfaith Art Exhibit happen. There are different positions that we are looking to have volunteers for including but not limited to Marketing, Public Relations, and Local Ambassadors and Representatives. Our volunteers do the tasks remotely whenever and wherever is convenient for them based on our timeline.

We need so much help and expertise from our community members and interested individuals and have provided many volunteering opportunities to put together this exhibition. To achieve this goal we want to encourage you to fill out our volunteer form HERE .


                      Partnership and Sponsorship

We are actively seeking Partnership and Sponsorship from organizations around the world. If your organization, association, or corporation is interested in becoming a Partner/ Sponsor of Interfaith Art Exhibit please send you inquiry to our email with the word "Partnership" in subject line.

                        Make a Donation

Please help us make the Interfaith Art Exhibit a free biennial program and accessible for everyone by making a donation. We are asking for a $20 suggested donations but feel free to choose any amounts you desire. Anything that you donate counts! You may make a donation by mailing a check to the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California to its address:
1433 Madison St.,
Oakland, CA 94612
Please make a note that the check is for Interfaith Art Exhibition.

                        Send Us Your Suggestions

Interfaith Art Exhibition is a community based project and it evolves from the thoughts, suggestions, and help of the community. We are open to suggestions and comments about the previous exhibitions and ideas and suggestions for upcoming exhibitions.
One of the proposed themes for the next exhibition (2017) is "Collaboration and Connection" in which we encourage artists to get connected to each other and make art collaboratively. We are open to suggestions so if you have any ideas, suggestions, or want to propose a theme don't hesitate to email us  with the word "Suggestions" in the subject line.